Business: Curating Fashion

The past couple of months have been transitional, in that my biz partner, Janet, and I have been working on our mission in starting a mobile business.

To give you guys some background, I’m a NYC fashion college alum where I studied fashion marketing. Before going to college, I met Janet at my job at a high-end boutique, where we eventually became managers/buyers. While working together in 2008 we formed a bond over the love for fashion and deciphering cool from not- regardless of the name on the tag. One thing we both have in common is finding beauty in things that not everyone can immediately see. We both like to express our personalities via our clothing and I hope our business reflects that. (Side note: having a partner in business only works if you agree on the kind of reputation and brand image you want) 

Photo by Libby Kaminski  

Photo by Libby Kaminski  

So what took us 11 years to finally go into business together? For years we would send each other real estate listings for a possible brick + mortar location and for some reason it never worked out. Our dream of opening a brick and mortar store transitioned into a collection on wheels when we realized reaching consumers in locations as curated as our clothing would better suite our brand and mission.

Lolita Vintage is a hand picked, curated collection of clothing and accessories made in the 70s up until last year and is somehow a cohesive assortment that caters to women of all ages. Included in our inventory are hand sewn organza T-shirt’s, up-cycled tees, and biker shorts (exclusive to LV). 


Do we want to be vintage forever? I think the idea right now is to penetrate a market, gain a reputation and grow from there. When we do eventually open a store we will have a vintage section to stay true to how we got to where we are. Also- vintage is a challenging game of knowledge and having an eye for detail and if this experience has taught me anything it’s exactly that. 


Coming off our first popup we feel validated that we brought life to what was just an idea a month ago. Our plan for the immediate future is to take part in as many events as possible and grow our little business into a long lasting one. 

Photos by John Gilfillan  

Photos by John Gilfillan  

5 Stocking stuffers that’ll impress your lady

BOYS- this post is for YOU! I am personally the worst person to buy a gift for, because A- if I ever need anything I just go and buy it and B- I am very particular about the things I like and don’t. I know most women are in my boat and our guys sometimes just need some direction. The following are some cute, and thoughtful stocking stuffers that will make any woman happy.  

1. Glossier Balm Dotcom besides being obsessed with anything Glossier I think its a very easy go to no matter what your lady likes. This lip balm comes in a bunch of different flavors and it is my go to especially in the winter.


2. Ceramic jewelry tray- this one specifically has 24K gold and is handmade from Loom and Kiln. There are a couple different styles on their site, all beautiful and unique. 


3. Mini Voluspa candles- perhaps my favorite candle brand ever, but MINI! We all know how much gals love candles and these are actually on sale at Anthropologie right now.  



4. Anything from West Village Tribe- I get it, Brooke Milano is one of my best friends but seriously her jewelry is handmade in New Jersey and sourced from all over the world. Each piece is unique and versatile for everyday wear. She even includes a cute branded pouch for every purchase that will look amazing in your lady’s stocking!


5- I know a lot of couples on their way to getting married and I must say that this book was so enlightening to different ideas that I would have never thought about. Stone Fox Bride is the intriguing story of Molly Rosen Guy followed by a series of unique weddings. (Also on sale on Amazon right now). Regardless if you’re engaged or already married, any book is such a personal and great idea. I also loved Chrissy Tiegan’s new cookbook!  


I hope this helps, any questions DM me! 

My favorite Holiday-worthy looks

Whether your holiday plan forecast includes more casual or formal events, I always like to jazz it up during this time of year. My favorite things right now for this season are velvets, plaids, playful blouses, and varsity sweaters- I’m here for all of it. I understand how some of us can feel unmotivated to put the effort in when its so cold, but just because its winter doesn’t mean you stop caring! I hope this post helps motivate you to stay cute and warm ATSDT.


Holidays are filled with pressure and emotions, but there’s something about being around the family and reflecting on the past year together that calls for a celebration, in some way. Looking back on holiday photos of previous years I always recognize what year it was based on what I was wearing (for better or worse). The following are my favorite casual + semi- formal looks that can worn for holiday work parties, New Year’s Eve, or just an intimate night spent with family.  

Photos: Elizabeth Kaminski

Photos: Elizabeth Kaminski

Go to Portland, ME

Unfortunately I’ve never gone to Maine before this trip, so when Bon Appetit released their restaurant city of the year as Portland I couldn’t think of a better place to go for a couple days. Needless to say it did not disappoint. There are seriously so many restaurants and breweries and activities that we couldn’t hit it all in two days but the things we did do and places we did get to see were all pretty amazing. Oh, and leave your fancy clothes at home. Portland is super down to earth and casual, I didn’t wear most of the stuff I packed because I didn’t wanna feel out of place. 

Initially I wanted to stay at The Francis hotel- a boutique hotel in the center of town, but instead found the cutest Airbnb ever, centrally located as well. 


Our first and probably our best meal in Portland @ Eventide. The lobster roll was insane, as were the fried brussels and fried oysters. 

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  


I tried to capture what Portland really looks like in October. Although the coastline is super beautiful, this is what I admired most. The scenic street corners surrounded by perfect foliage. 

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

I met Portland photog Bonnie Durham at this old empty factory near the narrow gauge train museum where she pretty much snapped photos in between me asking her where to get bagels. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Photo by  Bonnie Durham     Bag-  See by Chloe    Sweater- Zara  Jeans-  Free people    Boots- Dolce Vita  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Bag- See by Chloe 

Sweater- Zara

Jeans- Free people 

Boots- Dolce Vita  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Sour dough bagels @ Scratch Bakery

Sour dough bagels @ Scratch Bakery


I’d be lying if I said that Allagash wasn’t the highlight of the trip. We drank a bunch of sour beers and got to tour every part of the brewery and I’ve honestly never been more impressed with how driven a company is to produce the best possible product.

Go to Chaval for dinner. Just go. Just do it. 


Also notable but not photo’d: 

Natural wine selection @ Drifter’s Wife

Bissell Bro’s brewery

Hand torn ramen noodles at Suzkiya 

Bao bao dumpling house

Coffee + baked goods (GET THE BISCUITS) @ Tandem bakery

Potato donuts @ The holy donut  



An ode to Anine Bing

In college I used to write for an amateur style blog site called Style Hop, it’s not even around anymore but I really loved writing about new trends and designers. Recently my new brand obsession is with Danish designer Anine Bing. Most of us have shopped via fast fashion stores like Zara or H & M where merchandise is turned over and restocked every week or so, or if your fancy you know that designers produce 2-3 collections every year. What Anine Bing is doing is bridging the gap between the two. Her clothes are designed for the everyday woman, including denim, blazers, skirts, coats, t-shirts, footwear and accessories. AND her stores in L.A., New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Madrid are stocked with her newest month to month designs. By not limiting herself to just two collections a year, Bing’s designs stay current and accessible in a world where the newest fashion trends are at our finger tips. 

Me trying to be Anine Bing in Anine Bing^

Me trying to be Anine Bing in Anine Bing^

I must mention that Anine’s active social media presence must play a role in her success. The former model/blogger is usually the face of the posts rocking the latest styles of the brand- talk about goals! 


 As a girl lost in my own world I look to inspiring stories like Anine’s for both life and career motivation. Not only is she the founder of an incredible brand, she also juggles the roles of being a mom and wife. 

“Being a woman has never held me back,” Bing said in a Casetify interview of her self-owned empire, “I think we should celebrate women everyday.” 

Thanks for letting me fan girl out! 


Credz  : 

Photos: Chris Hurtig

Jacket: Anine Bing Bobbi flannel jacket  

Tee: Anine Bing vintage Bing T-shirt  

Bag: Cleobella 

Sunglasses: Elizabeth + James  


Our Italian Airbnb wedding

On May 2, 2016 at the Philadelphia airport, James got down on his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him after three years of dating. I cried like a baby and said yes, and then got on a flight to Colorado to celebrate with friends. Not the typical engagement story, I know.

On April 19, 2018 we got married in the hills of Florence, Italy and till this day I still don’t know how we pulled it off.


We always knew we wanted to elope, first it was Spain, then maybe the Amalfi coast, we really couldn’t decide on a destination. I know it sounds introverted but a big wedding just wasn’t appealing to us, we wanted an intimate day that would reflect who we are and what we value as a couple-If you haven’t noticed tradition isn’t really our thing. After telling friends and family the time frame of when we wanted to do it without even a set location a bunch of our friends told us they were coming, no invites needed. I thought Florence would be cool, rent a house on a decent size property and hire a chef. Sounds great in theory but while planning I had a lot of “no’s” or no answers from vendors and got completely discouraged. 


After searching Airbnb I found this beautiful yellow villa with blue shutters, it definitely didn’t scream wedding venue like some of the other options but I loved it. I thought in photos the yellow surrounded by all the greenery with my florals and dress would be a great contrast. I booked it for four days, messaged the host my idea and that was that. 


I contacted countless caterers and never got a response. I was seriously worried about what we were gonna do and I had James in my ear, “we can just eat pizza somewhere!” 🤦🏻‍♀️. Luckily my friend Britt, who attended the wedding, had a friend who was a chef in Florence, who she’d met while living there years ago. I had a 2 minute phone conversation with our chef Edo and we made the menu the next day, score.


The day before the wedding we visited this huge supermarket that had countless aisles of wine and spirits. We got a bunch of barolos, etna rossos, Prosecco (€3 a bottle) and supplies to make some specialty cocktails (James and I are both bartenders). The night before we infused Beefeater gin with strawberries and let it sit overnight. The morning of the wedding we strained the strawberries and made a big batch of Americano (equal parts of Campari and sweet vermouth). Below is a photo of our cocktail station where our guests could’ve made an americano,  strawberry negroni, or boulevardier.  

The plan was always to get ready together. It was so much fun sharing the same excitement of this high we’ve never been on together. It made for such amazing photos and I’ll never forget the butterflies in my stomach seeing James get dressed in his suit! 

The plan was always to get ready together. It was so much fun sharing the same excitement of this high we’ve never been on together. It made for such amazing photos and I’ll never forget the butterflies in my stomach seeing James get dressed in his suit! 


While most couples usually hire a driving service of some kind, we chose to torture our good friend + photographer Claire and had her drive us around Florence for photos in a stick shift Fiat. Ideal? Nah. Memorable/scary/uncomfortable? You have no idea. 

Our vows. I can honestly say I’ve never been so overwhelmed with happiness in my life. I was in the most beautiful place, with some of my favorite people in the world, marrying my best friend. I sobbed the whole time.

Our vows. I can honestly say I’ve never been so overwhelmed with happiness in my life. I was in the most beautiful place, with some of my favorite people in the world, marrying my best friend. I sobbed the whole time.


Chef Edo prepared a 5 course meal for us. The consensus was the wedding day was the best meal of the trip.


I’ll never forget this day with these 12 friends. I am forever grateful to them for taking the trek to witness the best day of our lives.

The view from the front door of our villa. The drive from the city center of Florence to our place was seriously majestic.

The view from the front door of our villa. The drive from the city center of Florence to our place was seriously majestic.


Days before the wedding we told our photographers that we wanted a photo with one of these flower trucks. We were on our way back to the villa for the ceremony when we randomly found one. We hopped out and stopped traffic in a busy intersection for this photo. * (somehow) no one was hurt in the taking of this photo. 


Our florist, Vivi, of Il Profumo dei Fiori, Wherever you are GRAZIE MILLE. 


I walked down the aisle to Bon Iver’s “Holocene” a song near and dear to James and I when we first started dating. Our best friend Chris Loupos married us. His words were funny, real and emotional. It was the perfect ceremony tailored to who we really are. Forever grateful to him. 


The day after the wedding we all went to get pizza + see the David + eat gelato (all 14 of us). 


James and I spent our honeymoon traveling northern Italy + Slovenia. It was all truly a magical experience, and I’m so incredibly grateful for all of it.  


credits + thank yous: 

photography: Pat Furey + Claire Hudson  

flower design: Il Profumo Dei fiori  

chef: Edo Fondi  

dress: Rue de Seine 

suit: Suit Supply  

wedding band: Anna Sheffield  

rentals: Tableset Rentals

A day in BK

Despite it being 200 degrees, it’s always worth taking a trip to Brooklyn for some good food + culture. Today I visited 29 Rooms, an exhibit by Refinery 29, built to inspire and “expand your reality”. The whimsically designed space was fun and seriously nostalgic- I recommend going with a friend that won’t be hesitant to jump in a ball pit with you. Here’s my first blog post. 


As per Infatuation’s high review, friends & I visited Ammazzacaffe in Williamsburg for dinner. Everything from the salads to their homemade pastas were insanely delicious. Be sure to pair with Lambrusco and boom you’re in Italy.  


In between the exhibit and dinner we checked out Love Only, a “women for women” boutique with one-hitters designed in a glass boob, and some sweet pant jumpsuits by Stoned Immaculate


Yesterday’s outfit details are as follows. 

Top: 1. State puff sleeve crop top

Skirt: Agolde Quinn skirt

Shoes: Adidas Falcon sneaker

Necklace:  Wanderlust + Co 

Watch: Two tone Cartier Panther 

Photos by Savannah Lauren