Go to Portland, ME

Unfortunately I’ve never gone to Maine before this trip, so when Bon Appetit released their restaurant city of the year as Portland I couldn’t think of a better place to go for a couple days. Needless to say it did not disappoint. There are seriously so many restaurants and breweries and activities that we couldn’t hit it all in two days but the things we did do and places we did get to see were all pretty amazing. Oh, and leave your fancy clothes at home. Portland is super down to earth and casual, I didn’t wear most of the stuff I packed because I didn’t wanna feel out of place. 

Initially I wanted to stay at The Francis hotel- a boutique hotel in the center of town, but instead found the cutest Airbnb ever, centrally located as well. 


Our first and probably our best meal in Portland @ Eventide. The lobster roll was insane, as were the fried brussels and fried oysters. 

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  


I tried to capture what Portland really looks like in October. Although the coastline is super beautiful, this is what I admired most. The scenic street corners surrounded by perfect foliage. 

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

I met Portland photog Bonnie Durham at this old empty factory near the narrow gauge train museum where she pretty much snapped photos in between me asking her where to get bagels. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Photo by  Bonnie Durham     Bag-  See by Chloe    Sweater- Zara  Jeans-  Free people    Boots- Dolce Vita  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Bag- See by Chloe 

Sweater- Zara

Jeans- Free people 

Boots- Dolce Vita  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Photo by Bonnie Durham  

Sour dough bagels @ Scratch Bakery

Sour dough bagels @ Scratch Bakery


I’d be lying if I said that Allagash wasn’t the highlight of the trip. We drank a bunch of sour beers and got to tour every part of the brewery and I’ve honestly never been more impressed with how driven a company is to produce the best possible product.

Go to Chaval for dinner. Just go. Just do it. 


Also notable but not photo’d: 

Natural wine selection @ Drifter’s Wife

Bissell Bro’s brewery

Hand torn ramen noodles at Suzkiya 

Bao bao dumpling house

Coffee + baked goods (GET THE BISCUITS) @ Tandem bakery

Potato donuts @ The holy donut