5 Stocking stuffers that’ll impress your lady

BOYS- this post is for YOU! I am personally the worst person to buy a gift for, because A- if I ever need anything I just go and buy it and B- I am very particular about the things I like and don’t. I know most women are in my boat and our guys sometimes just need some direction. The following are some cute, and thoughtful stocking stuffers that will make any woman happy.  

1. Glossier Balm Dotcom besides being obsessed with anything Glossier I think its a very easy go to no matter what your lady likes. This lip balm comes in a bunch of different flavors and it is my go to especially in the winter.


2. Ceramic jewelry tray- this one specifically has 24K gold and is handmade from Loom and Kiln. There are a couple different styles on their site, all beautiful and unique. 


3. Mini Voluspa candles- perhaps my favorite candle brand ever, but MINI! We all know how much gals love candles and these are actually on sale at Anthropologie right now.  



4. Anything from West Village Tribe- I get it, Brooke Milano is one of my best friends but seriously her jewelry is handmade in New Jersey and sourced from all over the world. Each piece is unique and versatile for everyday wear. She even includes a cute branded pouch for every purchase that will look amazing in your lady’s stocking!


5- I know a lot of couples on their way to getting married and I must say that this book was so enlightening to different ideas that I would have never thought about. Stone Fox Bride is the intriguing story of Molly Rosen Guy followed by a series of unique weddings. (Also on sale on Amazon right now). Regardless if you’re engaged or already married, any book is such a personal and great idea. I also loved Chrissy Tiegan’s new cookbook!  


I hope this helps, any questions DM me!