An ode to Anine Bing

In college I used to write for an amateur style blog site called Style Hop, it’s not even around anymore but I really loved writing about new trends and designers. Recently my new brand obsession is with Danish designer Anine Bing. Most of us have shopped via fast fashion stores like Zara or H & M where merchandise is turned over and restocked every week or so, or if your fancy you know that designers produce 2-3 collections every year. What Anine Bing is doing is bridging the gap between the two. Her clothes are designed for the everyday woman, including denim, blazers, skirts, coats, t-shirts, footwear and accessories. AND her stores in L.A., New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Madrid are stocked with her newest month to month designs. By not limiting herself to just two collections a year, Bing’s designs stay current and accessible in a world where the newest fashion trends are at our finger tips. 

Me trying to be Anine Bing in Anine Bing^

Me trying to be Anine Bing in Anine Bing^

I must mention that Anine’s active social media presence must play a role in her success. The former model/blogger is usually the face of the posts rocking the latest styles of the brand- talk about goals! 


 As a girl lost in my own world I look to inspiring stories like Anine’s for both life and career motivation. Not only is she the founder of an incredible brand, she also juggles the roles of being a mom and wife. 

“Being a woman has never held me back,” Bing said in a Casetify interview of her self-owned empire, “I think we should celebrate women everyday.” 

Thanks for letting me fan girl out! 


Credz  : 

Photos: Chris Hurtig

Jacket: Anine Bing Bobbi flannel jacket  

Tee: Anine Bing vintage Bing T-shirt  

Bag: Cleobella 

Sunglasses: Elizabeth + James